Disney Princess Portraits by Brad Kingett

Annie Leibovitz is the goddess of photography. That is just my personal opinion and a historical, scientific and mathematical fact. You can argue with me, but you would be wrong… She has worked with some of the most incredible people and has had her work displayed through countless publications over the course of her career. If you are a photographer and have never felt the slightest twinge of envy towards her, then you should probably put your camera up on CraigsList now and call it a day.

I have felt more than “twinges” of envy towards Annie Leibovitz. In the right light, you may notice that my skin has developed a slightly greenish hue that is almost entirely because of the envy she has created within me. With that being said, I recently had the opportunity to give a nod to some of my favorite Annie Leibovtz creations, her Disney Dream Portraits.

I was approached last month with a chance to shoot a handful of Disney Princess portraits for an event planner at Princess Parties by Brittany at my studio in Philadelphia. My work is a far cry from Ms. Leibovitz’s images, but I had a great time working on them and I am pretty pleased with the results.


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