Last week I had the pleasure of shooting with the awesome ladies of Forge & Finish at their jewelry studio in Philadelphia. Although we had never met in person, we were able to, through the use of email and text, plan out the shoot and put together a mood board for the scheduled shoot date. So, lets give it up for technology! Am I right?!

Now, in a perfect world, I usually like at least one meet up before a project, to finalize plans and to tie up loose ends, but it isn’t always possible. Everyone is busy. Especially with small businesses. There aren’t enough hours in a day, days in a week, weeks in a month etc. Even though planning is a crucial part to any production, sometimes it just isn’t possible to have an “in-person” brainstorming session. So, various social networking sites, email, phones, the cloud and such, all make collaborative efforts a reality. With Carly, Emily and Desiree from Forge & Finish providing the jewelery and Tilda Swinton-ish vision, my good friend  Elyse, from Blitz Vintage in charge of wardrobe, our model Samantha and myself behind the camera, we were ready to do some work. This shoot was so much fun and I really can’t wait to have all of the looks finished as well as the super awesome “Being John Malkovich” inspired compilation photo.

Long story short, don’t let distance, time or anything prevent you from networking and collaborating with others. There are fewer and fewer excuses to not do something awesome with awesome new people.